Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday work

Howdy. Today was kinda tough! Our homework assignment was to sketch the exterior and interior of a diner, bank, restaurant, whatever, so I once again returned to the Orange Circle to draw the old Orange Daily News building. It's been turned into a starbucks, so that made getting an interior sketch way simple. I had a hard time nailing the details of the building at first, and it was windy AND cold as heck, which made it even harder. On our way there, we found some kid's wallet in the alleyway, so I was distracted every few minutes looking around the area trying to see if I could spot the kid from his photo on his ID.

Anyways, the exterior took a bit of work, and weirdly enough, the interior was a snap. I used these new Copic markers, but I think I didn't get light enough values, so I gave up trying to pencil over it, and instead just drew it with the markers only. Worked out well enough.

Also, posting images in blogger is a pain in my ass. It ALWAYS inserts the photos above the text. Also, Chrome won't let me resize the previews, but I need to every time because blogger's idea of "small" thumbnail = FULL SIZE IMAGE. Dummbbbb.

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