Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Gravy! Finished the Midterm.

For my midterm, I decided to design a bar/cafe in a Dutch style.  I did two canalhouse style buildings connected internally.  The kitchen of this little cafe is actually located in the canalhouse to the left of the actual establishment.  A passthrough leads to the kitchen and restrooms in the adjacent house.

Here's the plan I went with:

And here's the final exterior/interior ink and marker drawings.

Hope you all enjoy.  My reference mostly was all from wandering around Holland in Google Streetview.  Super great way of getting a complete 360 view of HEAPS of different architectural styles.  Japan's in there, London, New Zealand, Scotland, Northern Ireland...check it out!

This really took up so much of my time.  Hopefully I can get back to what ive been enjoying a lot of, which is flying around streetview, sketching out architecture, and coloring it with watercolor.  Ill post up some of my first horrific sketches tomorrow.  Too tired now.

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