Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here's my latest class assignment.  I spent a little longer on this guy than the others, but in a shorter period of time, if that makes sense. 

I originally intended the illustration to be a wide shot of the top floor of the Bradbury building in Los Angeles, but I decided after penciling it in that it just felt way overwhelming from a detail perspective.  The sheer amount of linework on the page just kind of flattened the entire image.  I took an interesting crop, and roughed in some tones and played with a bit of line thickness.  It's rougher than i'd like, but isn't that always how it is?

Also, here's a sketch from our recent class visit to the Descanso gardens.  All of my other sketches of just foliage met with utter failure, and will certainly not be shown here.

xoxox readers.

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