Monday, March 1, 2010

More Cleanup

Here's a progress shot of the illustration i'm working on.  This is my first clean layer, done all freehand with a black prismacolor pencil.  I love the creamy thickness of line the prismacolor produces, but I hate how quickly I run through them!  After this layer is nailed down, I will create a final layer in black copic ink, photocopy it, and test out some tonal variations.  Once i've nailed a tonal I like, I'll lay it down on the inked final layer, and photocopy the results to get it on a white, non-parchment background.

Whew that's a bunch of work.  And I have one more illustration to do!

Here's the first clean layer in prismacolor pencil...

Here's the final rough layer with all the details I want included in the final illustration.

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